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The Ganges River, the holiest river of India, offers exciting and exclusive locations for sport sport, which has been acknowledged over the years by sport fishermen from all over the world. References of various Angling spots on this river can be found in almost every major sport fishermen's accounts - the mighty Mahseer (translated in hindi means Big mouth).

One of the most popular and successful spots for Mahaseer can be found in a location called Beas Ghat. Beas Ghat is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and provides the ideal habitat for the Mahseer. This stretch of the Ganges, offers some of the most quiet and lucrative experiences of fishing in the wild.

The largest catch of mahseer found in this location, has been appr 60lbs. This kind of an experience is also combined with the amazing nature surrounding Beas Ghat.

Nayar,a rivulet of the Ganges , is one of the ideal fishing beats of the river. In 1989, an hour-long documentary called "Casting for Gold" was filmed right here by famous anglers John Bailey and Paul Boot. A number of huge Mahseer have been caught in this beat.

In the past, various ichthyologists have conducted their researches on the Ganges and its tributaries.

Beas Ghat offers some fantastic beats and spotless beaches for relaxation and overnight stay.