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Ben. 55 lbs Goonch catfish.

English angler Ben visited India for Himalayan adventure, It was trip of cat fish, during firt 02 days Ben hooked few Mahseer of 10 lbs bracket. But It all started on day 3 while fishing for Mahseer with Live bait, Ben felt a strong bite which he said was equivalent to 840 volts ( haha ) , Ben couldn't hold the pressure & with in 10 mts of pull , 50 lbs line snagged  , when our guide told Ben that for sure it was a Goonch .

It was difficult for Ben to even imagine what it have been to pull him out of his chair. Strangely same story continued for 3-4 times & it gor really frustrating .& later it was decided to cast from the other side of the rapid , & with in 5 mins there was another Heavy bite & our guide screamed at Ben not let fish touch the ground & bully it was quick as possible & don't care abt the line & it worked fish was forced towards the deeper side of the pool  with less rocks.

Fish continued the slow runs & massive pulls. Ben felt the power of fish as He had to change his grip in every few seconds. after a strong battled of 30 mins Ben finnally managed to land the fish & screamed " good lord " the first sight of fish scared him, it was a 55 lbs Goonch , It was beast that looked pre historic .

Next day Ben hooked another goonch & was not able to handle the pressure & handed rode to our guide. & than the really battle started, Asharam pulled the fish several time to shallow side But this fish was not in control at all. But he managed fish not to touch the rocky areas ot the pool.

The fisht continued for more than 45 mins, Rod was totally bent & whole lot of pressure on the line, Ashram again manged to bring in landing area & lord this was monster goonch well over 80 lbs , at the same time he  was worried abt the damaged line, he knew that at least 3 or 4 time fish has rubbed the line with rocks , Keeping this in mind he decided to grab the fish by tail , But moment he step toward fish , This monster gave a big pull & this time line snagged like a piece of