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Jia Bhoroli Assam

Located in Upper Assam, Nameri national park is Nestled in foothills of Himalayas . The river Jia Bhoroli creats the border on Nameri National park, which is Unesco listed World heritage site & Project tiger listed National park. Jia Bhoroli is a famous angling destination since the British time. Its a lovely wild destination for Golden Mahseer. The river is snow fed which enters Nameri through southern Periphery of the park. The river enters the plains of Assam near Bhalukpung which located at border of Arunachal pradesh.

Jia Bhoroli is a dream destination for Golden Mahseer.The other sporting species of fish found in Bhoroli are Saal (Murral), Gorua (goonch), Korang or Sundarle (Indian Trout) and Boka (Chocolate Mahseer). This destination hold annual Angling competetion. The biggest catch of Golden mahseer recorded was in 1997 which scailed 52lbs. AS the river is located around National park therefore fishing is regulated where all the catch have to reported & released.

This location offers a unique wildlife experience & is one of the last habitat of some Highly threatened species like White Winged wood Duck , Ibis Bill , Hornbills , Giant Squirriels, Tigers , Leopards , Cloudded Leopard , Gaur , Indian Elephant etc.