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John Walker & Group : Golden Mahseer

UK Angler john Walker, visited India for his second Mahseer quest, during trip he was travelled with 02 more anglers Dick Cooper & Stuart Attenborrow.

This trip was guided by Chris summer & Asharam, initial few days the concentration was on bait fishing techniques, the anglers had few bites but no proper takes, It was on day 03 when Dick was fishing with Ashram, they were fishing 3 kms from the camp sight ,  it was the first of the day , Dick chucked the lure right along the rock wall of dip pool & soon as the lure touched the water there was a strong bite & fish was sighted right way  , within seconds this Golden Mahseer moved powerfully right to the far end of rapid, There was no point in stopping the fish therefore Ashram asked Dick to let the fish run & strangely fish tuned back into the same pool, Now was the time to wind the line back , during the winding process the rod felt full curve & all or sudden mahseer started moving up stream to the rapid. After 15 mins of strong battled the fish was slowly guided to toward the landing area. This fish was weighed 44 lbs.

At the same time when Dick was fighting with this monster, Stuart hooked a 18 lbs Golden mahseer right in front of the camp.

A day later the real aggression was witness as John casted lure in deep pool & hooked a 23 lbs Mahseer straight away, this fish gave a strong & fast battle of 5 mins , as Chris was un hooking the fish they saw an another group of mahseer circling , on the sight chris advised John to re-cast & bang straight on there was another same size fish was  hooked  , after few strong pulls fish escaped with straight hooks.

As trip progressed , anglers caught 17 fish in 16 lbs to 23 lbs bracket.

It was a great trip where all 3 anglers caught & landed quite a few specimen of Mahseer & most sporting was to catch all the fish on lures.