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Kevin & Pete : 55 Lbs Mahseer & 20 lbs Mully

British anglers Kevin & Pete, visited India for the first time to try there luck with Himalayan fishing, The trip was arrangened in Upper ramganga, Day 01 the action was pretty fast when Pete caught his first Mahseer on Dead bait, It was a specimen Golden Mahseer of 20 lbs.

10 min's later Kev hooked a unseen fish with fight different to of mahseer , after a strong fight of 10 mins , he had a sight of his fish it was mullee or wallago (Wallago attu). The trip progressed with mahseer catch of 10 lbs & small, It was on day 04 when Pete was fishing 5 kms up from the camp , we spotted few Monster mahseer from a vantage point, quickly our guide prepared the rod & walked with Pete to the mouth of the rapid which forms a great pool for Mahseer. Pete chucked the bait & straight away he felt the big bang & the scream of reel, straight away our guide told him that its a monster fish.

Pete hooked the largest fish of the season, But the real action was far from over. After first bite this monster stripped the reel & reach the far end of the 50 mtr pool, Luckly for Pete we were fishing with heavy gear, ashram our guide told him to stop the fish before she could reach the rapid, Pete bullied the fish& stopped her right before the down stream rapid.

After a strong battle of 20 mins , Pete finally landed the fish with measured at 55 lbs.