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Lure & Bait Fishing in Ramganga

Australian angler Col Roberts visited India on a exploratory trip in mid march in quest of Legendary Golden Mahseer, which is predatory fish of Carp Family.

During his trip Col Roberts was guided by of head guide Clint Issac, this trip was organized to fish in both lower & upper reaches of Ramganga , the season was perfect & temperature was right for Mahseer. During his trip our team experimented using both light & heavy tackle, including both bait & lure fishing techniques.

Several cast with sight fishing , they patiently worked lures in different stretch of river, during of the cast at the mouth of mild rapid he hooked a non visible monster, which took 100 yards of line with in seconds, to avoid damage on line & risk of losing this beauty the angler got into the rapid . As expected run was too fast & powerful that the reel was stripped in no time. & all of a sudden fish started running back towards the angler, which for a while looked as we have lost the fish as there was too much of loose line in the water ,O n a fast retrieve ,the rod started feel the pressure again. But it was not over yet as the fish took a dip dive in rocky pool & ripped the line for the  tight clutch of the reel.

After a strong battle of 10 mins , we had a first sight of the fish it was a monster golden Mahseer, The anglers could just make a guess of the size from a huge golden fin swimming of the surface of water. Fish was still not ready to give up & started give huge pressure on the rod.

The angler desperately retrieved the line & after another 5 -6 strong runs, he was able to land the fish which scaled 46 lbs.

Later on Col worked lure & bait as was bale to catch 9 fish in total ranging upto 10 -15 lbs.