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Located on Mahakali river , pancheshwar is situated on India Nepal border. Its a Torrential river which is due to its remote location is one of the best Mahseer angling spots in country . Over the years very anglers have casted in kali, But catch reports of this location is productive in sense of size & Quantity of catch. Kali is a snow fed river originating from Glaciers in Higher Himalayas of India & Nepal. There are various tributaries joining this river which also great sporting value.

Pancheshwar is a point where Kali & Saryu converge. trip to pancheshwar is a expedition which in involves rafting & bite of trekking some times. This point was unknown for quite a long time , the original popularity of this place came when India army located this point around 40 years back. There after this beat became was paradise for Mahseer lovers.

The water at this beat is crystal clear providing you a unforgettable fishing experience. Other highlight od this area ia Fishing in Night. With help of our experienced staff & fishing guide you can explore fishing on boat which is the best way to go for fish in himalayan rivers.

Location & Mahseer keeps this destination on angler's tp list the largest catch at this beat is 65lbs.