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British conservation group of 4 anglers visited India in mid mar,2010 . India Angling Head Guide Chris Summers lead the group anglers including Keith Elliot ( editor of Angling classics magazine ) , Keith Armishaw , Chris Elliot & Reg.

Initial day of mahseer fishing had no results, with River changing it colour from crystal clear to light Brown. There were fish sighting which were on & off.
It was on day 03, during late afternoon session Chris Elliot casted his bait in deep pool & after a while he felt few nibbles, but no takes. This process of nibbling continued for a while & than there was a huge pressure on the rod. Though the angler was fish with heavy gear. The first  mega bite tested the gear to its limits. The reel was screaming . the bite was so powerful that our guide had to hold the angler. Fish took the first dive in dip waters & than started cruising in lower rapids, But lucking changed it mind to fish swim up stream. After a strong battle of 15 mins this beuty of gold was landed, which weighed 42 lbs.

On his first trip to North India Keith Elliot , hooked a monster on the very next day. Fishing with bait, It was a quick pick by Gooch Cat fish, & with in no time she powered in the deeper water, Keith wound

Into the this Yeti of Himalayan rivers, which made rod to curve to its full stretch.  After several minutes of fight, keith has to bully the monster to the landing point.
This Goonch catfish was realized after weighing which was 60 lbs.