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Mahseer Quest in Kali Pancheshwar

Dr mark visited in India with his wife & 9 year old daughter , It was his 2nd trip in Northern India as has decided to take.

Mahseer adventure in Kali river in Eastern reaches of Uttarakhand state. The trip had a quick start as first 3 cast had a bits .

Day 02 we decided to camp right next to Famous pancheshwar ( sangam ) ,Mark decided to fish with light gear using just 12 lbs line, which was a big gamble in fast flowing kali river , after couple of casts mark hooked as 9 lbs Mahseer , which gave a strong battled on light gear & raging river. As trip progressed Dr mark caught 7 fish in no time ranging from 5 lbs to 10 lbs bracket.

On day 03 , we decided to take walk toward Saryu river & sight was amaging we saw around 50 fish Out of which few were monsters, During this walk a unique sighting happened we saw a monster mahseer well above 40 lbs, this fish was a strange colour it was quite stricking blue colour with golden tail .

  Mark caught 17 fish in total , with the biggest catch of 20 lbs.