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Ranikor Meghalaya

Located 5 hrs from Shillong (Capital of the state of Meghalaya in northeastern India), Ranikor is a small town on the border of India and Bangladesh.

It is one of the last wild fishing spots left in the state of Meghalaya. Driving to Ranikor will also take you through the wettest land on earth- Mausindram!! In the past few years, this place has become famous amongst the local anglers for fish spieces like- Golden mahseer, Chocolate mahseer, Goonch (Catfish), eels etc. Fishing area on the river Kynshi at Ranikor is approximately 15 to 16 kilometers. The river orginates from a small town called Rilang.

This river also offers great birding experience. It is not difficult to see Brahmini kites (considered to be rare by expert birders) gliding in for a catch. Some of the other bird spieces found are kingfishers, lapwings and sunbirds.

Ranikor is an isolated place and very few people have tried their luck at angling here. A regular catch of Golden Mahseer can be around 20-30 lbs. One can also see tribal anglers using modern as well as traditional means of angling/fishing. There is also a very active tribal conservation program, which was started by some local tribal boys, due to which there's a very healthy growth in the fish population.

Angling trip to Ranikor is a real fishing expedition in which one has to fish riding on a local boat. This can be a great experience about balancing yourself and catching a fish at the same time!