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n Name of Fishing Equipment nothing is available in India, therefore we advise all of our clinets to bring their own equipment .

For Mahseer Fishing :
For mahseer the rod required is a spinning rod and it has to be between 8 to 11 ft in length. action has to be medium, medium-heavy or heavy.the reel has to be the same action with rear drag and minimum of 4+1 ball bearings. it could be a spinning type or a multiplier. the action for the multiplier is also the same but the ball bearings is no criteria.the next thing would be the line or monofilament. it has to be clear or blue or green with little or no memory.line weight between 15-40 lb test. then the lures or baits . rapala plugs with golden,rainbow,blue,firetiger,silver are recommended in size 4 inches and above.also mepps spinners in size 4 and above. abu garcia tobies in silver copper and gold.importantly plain hooks treble and single in medium to big size and swivels in the same size. a handy multi tool will complete the outfit. one could throw in a landing net too.