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Andaman Islands - A insight into one of the worlds best game fishing locations

India is well-known for its many splendors such as its unique wildlife, pristine natural surroundings and its exceptional cuisine. However, one of India’s best features is the fact that its full of hidden treasures — one of them being that India is home to one of the best game-fishing areas in the world. Nestled between India and Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal, lies a little-known archipelago, Andaman, which is home to several prized species of fish. Moreover, Andaman offers an exceptional experience that allows you to truly immerse yourself in its surroundings. India has always been a prime destination for travel enthusiasts for its culture, cuisine, historical landmarks, and spirituality, and now it can add game fishing to its list of ever-growing attractions. Game fishing is a multi-million dollar industry, but more importantly, it is a tradition. Fishing has been an important tradition among the Andaman locals for centuries, which means that the game fishing enthusiast will be able to reconnect with the most bare essentials of the sport in an environment that is undiscovered and free from the claws of commercial activity. Geographical location of Andaman.

The Andaman island is just one part of an archipelago of islands that are located in the Bay of Bengal. The Nicobar islands also form part of this pristine cluster of islands that are located somewhat 150 km north of Aceh, Indonesia and 1760 km west of India. Despite it being an Indian territory the island is more closely located to Indonesia and Thailand. The wonderfully secluded islands are inhabited by the Sentinelese people who have little contact with the international community. Port Blair serves as the archipelago’s capital. As a tourist spot, it is an ideal location for the adventurous traveler because of its secluded and undiscovered qualities.

Due to the secluded nature of the island, it’s impossible to get a direct international flight to the Andaman Islands and interested travelers will have to travel to Kolkata or Chennai in India to catch a two and a half hour flight to the island. The Andaman is home to a welcoming group of people despite their lack of contact with the international community. A traveler can expect a diverse culture even on this small island as several people such as the Andamanese, Sentinelese, Onge, Shompens, and Jangel call this archipelago home. While the indigenous people are accommodating, a traveler should take care when exploring the area as they believe in protecting their territory.

The most avid game fishers always believe that the key to a great fishing adventure is to find a secluded area. This is a criteria that the Andaman island definitely adheres to as the sequestered island is rich in its wildlife and is unspoiled by modern life.

Types of fish species found in Andaman.

In the deep clear waters of the Andaman ocean, the game fishing enthusiasts can expect to come across either one (or several) of over 280 edible species of fish. In addition, tourists will likely catch a glimpse of unique rarities such as the dolphin or a green turtle. The fish in the area are rich and lush and recorded weights range between 20 - 45 kg.

Since there are not many game fishers in the area at any given time, the island offers a quiet place where the game fisher is likely to have one of their best yet fishing expeditions. The Andaman ocean is home to species such as Wahoo, sailfish, pilot trevally, giant trevally, coral trout, bluefin, and barracuda. The Andaman ocean is crawling with a rich abundance of these, and many more species and the game fishing enthusiasts are likely to have a record-breaking expedition.

Notably, the Andaman ocean is home to 4 of the game fishing industry’s top 10 fish species: Wahoo, sailfish, Marlin, and yellowfin tuna.

Scope of Game Fishing in Andaman

Andaman Aquaholics have designed unique packages to suit any game fisher’s need and level of skills. These tailored packages will appeal to the novice, casual fisher, avid enthusiast, and professional game fisher while the environment’s rich natural resources will excite all travelers.

Most game fishers travel to the Andaman island in search of the popular Giant Trevally. To this end, Andaman Aquaholics have perfected their tackle and baiting methods to attract this species. Our team of experts recommends using a braided line that is capable of handling between 80 - 100 pounds, even the novice can be assured of luring in this sought after prize. These strong lines are used in addition to rods that offer optimum popping and jigging. The rods themselves should be robust in nature that can withstand any battle between the most stubborn and strong fish and its catcher. If these are used in addition to a tackle reel that can comfortably handle upwards of 30 pounds, you will be guaranteed a successful expedition.

It is highly encouraged that every game fisher bring along their own equipment. While the secluded island is a popular choice for nature enthusiasts, it is definitely not a prime shopping destination, as specialized goods, such as fishing equipment, is often difficult and expensive to come by. This is why we recommend coming well-prepared to ensure a successful trip.

Procedure for getting fishing permission for foreign nationals in Andaman

The prospective traveler should take into account that any foreign national who wishes to visit the Andaman Island should first obtain a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) before being allowed entry to the island. You can easily apply for this permit at the Indian Embassy in your own native country. When applying for the RAP, it is essential that you provide all the requested information as truthfully and accurately as possible to ensure that your application is successful. For more information on the process, you should contact the Indian Embassy in your country. It is also important that you notify the Embassy of your intention to participate in game fishing while visiting the Andaman Islands.

The process itself is not a difficult one, it only takes a few minutes and applications are processed once you arrive at the country’s main airport located in Port Blair. In the Andaman Island, the director of fisheries is responsible for facilitating and monitoring all activities pertaining to fishing and game fishing. The country is well-equipped to this end and has several boats available to hire.

However, travelers should note that they will have to apply for a permit before being allowed to hire a boat. To do so, the traveler should make an appointment with the boat’s owner who has to apply for the permit. The department responsible for boat permits has a quick and easy e-permit system wherein which the applicant can submit their application online. The application is also processed, approved, and stored on the online system.

Seasons for game fishing in Andaman

Thanks to the tropical climate of the Andaman Islands the area provides the ideal climate to fish all year round. However, you should consider which species of fish you intend to target during your expedition before planning your trip. Fishing on the island between October and April is popular as most species of fish are widely available during this time. However, fish species such as Doggies and Giant Trevally are available right throughout the year.

The tropical climate also has its own downside as the weather can fluctuate easily and is often keen to prove the weatherman wrong. When planning your trip, it is wise to consult online resources to check the expected monsoon and cyclone patterns before booking your flight. During certain unfavorable seasons, it is not uncommon to spot an eager game fisher waiting at Port Blair for more conducive weather.

While it makes sense to plan your trip during the warmest time of the year, even this is challenged as that its peak time for monsoons and cyclones which can ruin your fishing expedition. Thus it is best to find a time that is warm, but not so warm that it encourages monsoons and cyclones. Travellers should note that strong winds are common and often dangerous in the Andaman Islands. Winds of up to 20 knots are not uncommon in the area and can often pose critical safety risks to fishers at sea. Moreover, the weather can quickly change from favorable to downright dangerous. This is why it is critical to your safety and fishing expedition that you plan ahead, do enough research, and educate yourself on the local weather conditions. Keep up to date with changes in monsoon and cyclone behavior or consult the locals if you feel unsure.

As the game fishing industry has become steadily more commercialized in recent years, game fishers have been facing the challenge of finding a spot that is quiet but still provides a great fishing experience with ample of prized species. The wriggling waters of the Andaman Islands promises just that. With its unique ties to ancient culture and its abundant wildlife, any avid fisherman should be sure to add Andaman Island to his list of must-try fishing destinations.

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