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Insight on Mighty Mahseer on Fly

The rivers of the Indian Himalayas offers some of the wildest, most unexplored fly fishing waters anywhere.Some of the best fishing is to be had in the remotest rivers. A guide is a must when fishing in the Northen India, our fly fishing guides are experienced anglers who grew up fishing the rivers of the Himalayas,lead by our international guide from Australia. If you looking for the ultimate adventure to one of the last fly fishing frontiers india is a must! Masheer The mighty golden masheer is the king of the river and is one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet Weather you are a beginner or experienced fly fisher the masheer will test your patience and skills to the limit.Imagine sight casting to huge frames in crystal clear rivers , watching the take there not many freshwater locations in the world where this is possible. Once hooked on Masheer will charge around the pool, often boring deep to the sanctuary of the depths, shaking their head. Just as you think they ready to come into the bank, they will turn charging back to the middle of the river.Holding you there until there ready to come to you. There is no sound proof way to catch masheer on fly as situations a constantly changing, this is where your gillie is invaluable but a very basic guide for catching smaller fish is to target the rapids casting your nymph or dry fly upstream letting it drift back dead drift waiting for the take for larger trophy fish across and down at the head of pools seems to be the most productive. The prime fly fishing season is from february till june and october to november depending on weather conditions.


Few Words from Our Fly Fishing Expert

My name is Clinton Isaac.

I was born in 1974 in Sydney Australia. My childhood home was located very close to a river and I would take any opportunity that arose to take my push bike down to fish.Some days I would go to the river just to watch the older guys fly fish. It totally fascinated me and at the age of 14 I got my first fly rod. I was hooked. For the next four years I slowly learnt the skills of fly fishing and how to tie flies for trout, bass, herring and carp.

By the age of 18 I had a part time job tying flies for the local fishing shops and soon enough started venturing towards saltwater to flyfish on the East coast of Australia. This was a totally new and exciting activity for me to be able to catch such a variety of big fish on fly. It seemed endless and for many years I travelled as much as I could up and down the East coast fly fishing.

It was when work began to take me overseas that I soon realised that most countries have their trademark fish whether it be salmon in Norway, taimen in Mongolia or masheer in India. The list goes on so whenever I knew that I was going to be in or near a country that had fly fishing opportunities I would pack my fly rod.This has now become a real quest of mine to travel to all corners of the earth to catch different species.

Now I am working as a fly fishing guide for India Angling for several months of the year and when I am not in India I am pursuing my passion.Fly fishing is not just about catching fish but also about the beautiful places it takes me to and the wonderful people you get to meet from all walks of life. Hope to see you on the river some time.



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