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Fish Care

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Fish Care

As an angler you should practice angling with real ethics of sport. Respect nature & nature will respect you,There are a number of practices that can help increase the chance of survival or reduce the chances of you catching a species that you don’t want.

Realeasing the Fish

There are set rules for Different fish like one can't kill fish like Golden Mahseer as it is highly endanged also there are times when you have to realese fish like trout also, If its a small sized trout it's always good to realese the fish. It is very important to release fish as soon as possible, one should return fish to the same area it is caught becasue fish feels safe in its own habitat or territory & is well aware of threats in the area.

Handling your catch

  • Don't keep fish out of water for long time.
  • Always handle fish with wet hands & apply water on it, Slime on fish protects fish from disease, so be care not to damage the protective slime.
  • While un-hooking your catch be really cautious & take cate, It is the time when both catch & catcher are at maximum risk.
  • Some time it is impossible to unhook the fish, it is always better to cut the line in such cases, don't try to rip the hook it might leave unrecoverable injury to the fish, If you leave fish with cut line than internal acid of fish with dissolve the hook.
  • Always use tools like de-hookers or long nosed pliers for unhooking the fish , It is good for both fish & the fisher.
  • Take extra care in handling unfamiliar species.


Your equipment is very important for such a sensative sport, Equipment can make whole lot of difference to your hobby : : Always use Fish friendly gear & tackles.

  • Use Different Tackles for differnt species of fish.
  • Bring equipment that helps you in landing your catch as earliest as possible.
  • For fly fishing always avoid use live bates because by the time you land the ctach, the fish will swallow the bate & will get hooked deep inside which make it practically impossible to release the fish.
  • If U are targeting the big fish only than always use big tackle ,so that small fish don't even think of going for it.
  • There is differnce in your catch rate & less damage if Bardless & circle hooks are used.

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