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Kali Pancheshwar Fishing Tour

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Kali Fishing Tour

The Mahakali Expedition

Imagine casting in a river with India on one side and Nepal on the other. Now, throw in some whitewater rafting on this borderline river, including a run through class 4 rapids. And cap this adventure with the conquest of nothing less than the holy grail of freshwater fishing: the Golden Mahseer. That is, in short, India Angling’s Kali River Fishing Tour for you. A total bang for your buck.

What makes this tour stand out from the rest is the sheer sensory blitz that comes along with it. Firstly, the drive through the remote and quaint villages of Kumaon in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand gives you a peek into the local life that any eager outsider keeps an eye peeled for. The fishing expedition begins at the confluence of the Kali river and the Gori Ganga. You no sooner wet your toes than you are running class 3 rapids for a 25 km downstream journey. Then on, there’s no looking back.

The Kali river originates in the watershed bordering India and Tibet. By the time it meets the Gori Ganga, it is well out of the alpine zone and into the verdant hilly landscape of Kumaon. The scenery here can be a welcome distraction for even the most focused angler, and the sandy banks a perfect invite for a short picnic break between long fishing stints.

The best spot to fish at is Pancheshwar, where the Kali river meets the Saryu river and the water is abundant and full of many kinds of fish, not least the Mahseer. Whether you fly-fish or spinner-fish, trust the Mahseer to be a formidable adversary. A Rapala lure or copper spoon when cast deep in the emerald waters at Pancheshwar may tempt the Golden Mahseer. But hooking up the fish is one thing, landing it is a different ball game altogether.

When putting up a fight, the Golden Mahseer can snap a line or strip hundreds of yards of it in a matter of seconds, such is this river monster’s blistering run. The prize catch is hauled out of the water for just a trophy photograph before being released back in the river. Besides the Golden, Pancheshwar may also yield Copper Mahseer, or the rare Red fin Mahseer.

Hardly a day goes by on this tour when you don’t run rapids. Our experienced guides are trained rafters who have navigated the river umpteen times and know the fish better than the back of their hands. Fishing and rafting apart, you get to watch the wonderful flora and fauna of Kumaon hills. There’s plenty to admire. At one spot, you may come upon stalactite formations on rocky outcrops. At another, you may find yourself sharing the river with elephants.

India Angling’s itinerary of Kali Fishing Tour is drawn to give you memories you won’t forget in a hurry.

Day 00Delhi – Kathgodam (275 Kms)

We take the overnight train to Kathgodam and reach in the early hours of the morning.

Day 01Kathgodam – Pithoragarh (200 Kms)

An eight hour drive to Pithoragarh gives us the splendid views of the Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchachuli mountain ranges. Drive through the towns and villages of Kumaon which provides a rich cultural background for the trip. Don't be surprised if we stop often to take photographs of the diverse flora and fauna, and the people of this region along with the Himalayas in the background. Overnight at Pithoragarh hotel.

Day 02Pithoragarh – Jauljibi - Chaukidari Camp (65 Kms by road and 25kms by raft)

A two and a half hour drive from Pithoragarh brings us to the confluence of Gori Ganga and Kali rivers at Jauljibi, the starting point of the expedition. After a comprehensive talk on river safety as well as basic instructions, we are ready to experience the thrill of grade 3 rapids. The sights and sounds of the many villages we cross add to the special experience of being on the river. We pitch camp late afternoon, followed by dinner around the campfire after an amazing day on the river. Overnight at camp.

Day 03Chaukidari Camp – Waterfall camp (25kms – 30 Kms)

The second day on the Kali begins with a grade 2 rapid. Enjoy the white water as we raft or kayak through the ‘Squeeze' at Juhlaghat. The river banks sport stalactite and stalagmite formations, reminding us of what we learnt in school. In the afternoon, we pitch camp by a waterfall and we can choose to hike up to it or laze around the campfire, eat dinner and hit the sleeping bag. Camp overnight.

Day 04Waterfall Camp - Nidal Camp (25 Kms – 30 Kms)

Get ready for some more action on the grade 2-3 rapids to reach Pancheshwar, the confluence of Kali and Saryu. This is a great spot for fishing. Camp overnight.

Day 05Nidal Camp - Sonaligaon Camp (25 Kms – 30 Kms)

Expect loads of thrills today as we move from Pancheshwar towards Sonali Gaon and encounter grade 3 rapids as the river picks up volume. The verdant untouched beauty around is breathtaking and has us all wishing for the day not to end. Camp overnight.

Day 06Sonali gaon Camp – Parigaon Camp (25 Kms – 30 Kms)

The river run from Sonali Gaon to Pari Gaon takes us through Kali's biggest rapid, the ‘Chuka', a grade 4+ rapid. As the rapid has several channels we will scout around before running it. A few more grade 3 rapids before we reach camp across the river from Pari Gaon. There will be plenty to discuss and remember about the day when we sit around the camp fire tucking into a hot, delicious meal. Camp overnight.

Day 07Pari gaon – Boom – Kathgodam ( 25 Kms by river , 100 Kms by road)

The last day on the river we start from Pari Gaon to reach out at Boom. There is a distinct shift in the vegetation around as we enter the Terai region and we may find wild elephants sharing the river with us! After lunch and load up we drive to Kathgodam to board the night train Ranikhet Express for Delhi.

Day 08Delhi

This is the end of the journey folks; we're back to Delhi, bright and early.

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Tour Name : Kali Fishing Tour

Trip Duration : 8 days

Group Size : 2,4,8,10,12

Best Time : Mid Oct till Mid April

Trip Activities

  • Drive through Kumaon. Panoramic view of the Greater Indian Himalayas.
  • Multi-day white-water rafting and camping.
  • An angler's delight.
  • Village walks.

Trip Highlights

  • Drive through the beautiful Kumaon region & get splendid view of the Greater Himalayas.
  • Raft on a river which forms the international boundaries between India & Nepal.
  • Journey through scenic, quaint and remote Kumaoni & Nepali villages.
  • Visit ancient temples on the river, important to people living on both sides of the river.
  • Camp by the river on splendid river beaches.
  • Insight into people living in remote villages.

Basic Itinerary

Day 00 - Arrival Delhi, take overnight train to Kathgodam. O/N train.

Day 01 - Morning arrival Kathgodam, later drive 200 kms to Pithoragarh. O/N Hotel.

Day 02 – Morning drive for 3 hrs to Jauljibi, Full fishing & rafting to Chaukidari Camp.

Day 03 – Full fishing & raft to Waterfall camp. O/N Camps.

Day 04 – Full day fishing & raft to Nidal Camp. O/N camp.

Day 05 - Full day fishing & raft to Sonaligaon Camp. O/N Camp.

Day 06 - Full day fishing & raft to Parigaon Camp. O/N camps.

Day 07 - Morning fishing & raft to Boom, Later drive for 3 hrs to Kathgodam. Evening train to Delhi. O/N Train.

Day 08 - Morning arrival at Delhi & transfer to airport.

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