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Siang Fishing Trip

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Siang Fishing Trip

The unexplored waters of Northeast India teem with fish abundant and varied enough to make angling a sports adventure. Just imagine eighty-two different species of fish swimming about in a river, all yours for the angling! This bounteous river is the Siang. The place is Arunachal Pradesh, in the northeast of India. And we, INDIA ANGLING, are the folks who have put together the ideal fishing adventure for you.

The ultimate catch of the Siang waters is Mahseer, often dubbed as the ‘Tiger Fish’. The title is given for good reason and is not to be taken lightly. For the Mahseer, with its imposing size and formidable ferocity, is a relentless aquatic hunter that can’t be tamed with an easy lure. Be it the Golden Mahseer or Chocolate Mahseer, the wide fins and massive tail lend the fish an enviable strength to not just hold its position in raging currents, but also snap at the fishing line with the power that can take even a seasoned angler by surprise. Just hauling this handsome beast out of water is a good test of the tensile strength of your fishing rod, to say nothing of your sinews. And it is only when you hold it in your hands, feel the weight of it, and admire its shimmering beauty at close quarters, that the awe of this majestic, mythical fish finally sinks in. This moment of physical contact with Mahseer, alas, is not to last long. We no sooner lift the fish out of water than we release it back in.

The other prized catch in the Siang is Goonch, also aptly called the devil catfishdue to its ferocious looks. This fish thrives in fast-flowing water and is no fool to fall for an easy bait. The larger the Goonch, the more aggressive it is likely to be. But you need not worry. For accompanying you on this fishing adventure will be guides from the local Galo tribe, who have a long history of fishing tradition and who bring with them the ancient knowledge that will doubtless intrigue any modern angler.

The chockfull itinerary drawn by INDIA ANGLING makes more points of fishing accessible to you than ever before. You will get to cast in not just the Siang, but many other nearby rivers and their points of confluence. The area is vast, the landscapeis beautiful, the water isabundant and so thick with fish that you will be busy reeling them in.

Day 01Delhi/ Dibrugarh

Arrive at Dibrugarh, Meet assistance and transfer to hotel. Overnight Hotel.

Day 02Dibrugarh/ Pasighat

Morning after breakfast drive to Brahmaputra river port. Board the ferry across the mighty river. You might be lucky to see fresh water river dolphine. After the ferry ride continue drive to the century old town of Arunachal Pradesh, Pasigaht. On arrival check-in Hotel. This where you can have your hot shower till you return back. Overnight Hotel Anne.

Day 03Pasighat/ Rottung (Sireng River)

We start day driving till Rottung (3hrs due to bad roads) on arrival at camp near the confluence of Sireng river and Siang river. Half day angling. Night angling is also possible. Overnight Camp.

Day 04Sireng River Camp

Whole day angling around the confluence. Overnight Camp.

Day 05Sireng River Camp

Walk 2 kms to Sideng river, day angling here and evening walk back to your camp. Overnight Camp.

Day 06Sireng River/ Yembung

Morning move and drive to Yembung village. On arrival angling in Yembung river. Overnight River Camp.

Day 07Yembung

Angling across the left bank of Siang river. Ovewrnight Camp.

Day 08Yembung/ Pangi/ Yembung

Morning angling at Pangi. Evening back to camp at Yembung. Overnight Camp.

Day 09Yembung/ Siyom/ Yembung

Morning angling at Siyom and Siang river confluence. Overnight Camp.

Day 10Yembung/ Boleng

Drive 3hrs to Boleng. Boleng is the divisional headquarter of the Area. On arrival camp near the Simang and Siang river confluence. Night angling. Overnight camp.

Day 11Boleng (Simang river)

Angling in Simang river. Overnight camp. Overnight Camp.

Day 12Boleng (Simang river)

Fish around the Simang river confluence. Overnight Camp.

Day 13Boleng (Simang river)

Full day fishing around the Simang River. Overnight Camp.

Day 14Boleng/ Renging village

Drive down to Renging. Camp here and fish in the confluence of Renging and Siang.Overnight Camp.

Day 15Renging/ Yemne

Morning down to Rane ghat to Yemne river side camp. On arrival pitch camp. Night fishing in the river. Overnight Camp.

Day 16Yemne River camp

Whole day fish at Yemne and siang river confluence. Overnight Camp.

Day 17Yemne River Camp

Whole day fish at Yemne and siang river confluence. Overnight Camp.

Day 18Yemne/ Pasighat

The day to Pack up and drive to Pasighat. On arrival check in hotel. Overnight Hotel Anne.

Day 19Pasighat/ Dibrugarh

Morning after breakfast drive to river, ferry across the Brahmaputra river. On arrival check-in hotel evening at leisure. Overnight Hotel Nataraj/ Rajawas.

Day 20Dibrugarh/ Delhi

Morning at leisure. After lunch transfer drive to airport, connect flight for onward destination.

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Tour Name : Siang Fishing Tour

Trip Duration : 20 days

Group Size : 2,4,8,10,12

Best Time : Mid Oct till Mid April

Trip Activities

  • Fishing
  • Birding
  • Wildlife watching
  • Nature Photography
  • Rafting
  • Camping

Trip Highlights

  • Mahseer fishing
  • Rare Wildlife experience of India.
  • River camping.
  • Rain forest adventure.
  • Captivating nature beauty.

Basic Itinerary

Day 00 - Delhi/ Dibrugarh. O/N Hotel

Day 01 - Dibrugarh/ Pasighat. O/N Hotel

Day 02 – Pasighat/ Rottung (Sireng River). Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 03 – Sireng River Camp Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 04 – Sireng River Camp Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 05 - Sireng River Camp. Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 06 - Sireng River/ Yembung Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 07 - Yembung Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 08 - Yembung/ Pangi/ Yembung. Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 09 - Yembung/ Siyom/ Yembung. Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 10 - Yembung/ Boleng. Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 11 – Boleng (Simang river). Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 12 – Boleng (Simang river) Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 13 – Boleng (simang river) Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 14 - Boleng/ Renging village Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 15 - Renging/ Yemne Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 16 - Yemne River camp Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 17 - Yemne River Camp Full day fishing. O/N camp

Day 18 - Drive to Passighat. O/N Hotel.

Day 19 - Drive to Dibrugarh. O/N Hotel.

Day 20 - Transfer to Dibrugarh airport.

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