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Giant Trevally

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Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally ( Caranx ignobilis) or GT as commonly called, a member of jack family. The habitat distribution is throughout tropical waters of Indo pacific region. Giant Trevally is known is one of the best river sportfish in the World. They are known for their strong muscle and can challenge the strongest of tackles. They are apex predators and are found in wide range of inshore and offshore habitat including coral and rocky reefs and lagoons. It is a ferocious fish with thick shoulders and skin with steep blunt head and can grow upto 200 pounds. They have a very strong jaw and capable of intense bite. Their diet includes small fish and even juvenile dolphins and turtles. They also feed on crabs and spiny lobsters.

Giant Trevally is one of the most desired fish for sports anglers from all around the world.

Andaman Islands of Indian Territory offers best of Giant Trevally fishing in some of the remotest and unfished waters in the World. Andaman Islands is a chain of tropical islands located in Bay of Bengal. These Islands and waters here are hardly known to anglers and can be rated as one of the most pristine fishing areas in the world. The islands are rainforest mangroves, It’s an intact and rich ecosystem with abundance of nutrients with regular supply of baitfish, an ideal location for salt water fishing.

Tackle for Giant Trevally fishing- GT is an aggressive predator and responds to different approaches. The fishing style could vary which includes popping, jigging, trolling. And one can also give fly fishing a try. The most preferred style for fishing though is popping. One has to use large poppers with a variation of retrieving them in speed whereby they throw a lot of water. One can also try stick bates, floating lures and deep sea jigging.

GT is a super strong fish with great muscle power which means you need a very strong gear for catching them. One needs top condition tackle meaning powerful reels with strong drags. Fluorocarbon leaders and not less than 100 pound braided line along with high end sea fishing rods.


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