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At India Angling, we specialise in developing and managing boutique fishing camps in Indian Himalayas most pristine wilderness areas. Based on sound fishery management protocols, community beneficiation projects, and stringent conservation practices, all guests can be assured their visit is contributing to the long term protection of these wild places, and to the beneficiation of the rural communities with whom we work.

Siang Fishing Camp can accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 semi luxury tents. Each Tent boasts comfortable twin beds, and a stylish en-suite bathroom with shower, providing all the necessary comforts for your stay. Each tents is carefully positioned so that from your verandah you will have a breathtaking view and can enjoy the thick forest hills of Arunachal Pradesh.

A short walk from each tent to the dining room & Fire area. There is a traditional style fire pit providing the perfect place for evening sundowners before a sumptuous evening meal. Nearby there is Simang river providing welcome relief during the heat of the day.

Located on the banks of Simang river, the Siang fishing camp is located at comfortable drive from Siang & Simang confluence. Its a prime & undisturbed fishing spot, with target species like Mighty Golden Mahseer / Chocolate Mahseer & Monster Goonch.

Our Fishing camp is also connected with road to various prime Mahseer pools at Simang river, which is a a ideal place for people targeting Fly fishing & Lure fishing. Siang fishing camp has a team of professional river guides who are there to assist you with finding the best fishing or game viewing spots, preparation of fishing equipment and also with refreshments and light meals.


Siang & Simang confluence Is among the finest & least explored Mahseer destinations. The confluence of Might Siang which is glacial-fed river & crystal clear Simang is a perfect set up for anglers targeting a majestic & sporty Mahseer. Due to the confluence of glacial & Springwater the confluence have a resident fish throughout the river. There have been local records of 100 lbs Golden Mahseers from confluence & well over 200Lbs Goonch.

The area is unique as it is among the very few places where anglers can target 3 big species Golden Mahseer / Chocolate Mahseer & Goonch Catfish.

Other than confluence, there are many Deep pools in Simang where one can catch all 3 species.

It is also one destination where night fishing is very productive, Arunachal has the least crime in India & is a very safe place to travel, Therefore anglers can easily target night fishing too. Which is a unique experience in itself.

Fishing for Mahseer in Arunachal Pradesh will test both angler and equipment to the limit. Tough terrain and exceptionally strong fish are the names of the game here, get a bite on one of these rivers and you could be connected to a new world record fish! Catch and release angling in this part of the world has only been taking place for a short while, meaning catch reports and facts are hard to come by. If you speak about fishing with one of the local tribes they talk of giant fish, the size of men, of rivers so powerful they can wash you away, and rivers that at certain times of the year are the hunting ground of huge Mahseer and Catfish. The main target species for our fishing trips are Golden and Chocolate Mahseer and Goonch Catfish. Both species are found in abundance through the Brahmaputra / Siang river and its tributaries. Our camp is located 1 mile from the confluence of the Simang and Siang rivers and is ideally located to allow anglers the best access to the confluence and pools upstream in the simang river.


The fishing here requires a strong but balanced tackle to ensure you can reach the fish with your lure and not tire yourself out quickly during a long fishing day. Rods need to be 9-12ft in length and feature heavy action with a casting range of 60-100g, we have found 10ft 3lb test cure rods to be very good all-round tools for casting and playing big Mahseer. Reels need to be 8000 or 10000 size saltwater spinning reels, loaded with 60-100lb braid and finished with 4ft of 60-100lb abrasion-resistant leader materiel. Hard body Lures need to be 12-16cm and 20-40g in weight. Both floating and deep-diving variants are worth keeping in your lure box to cover the ever-changing water conditions. The most popular colours are fire tiger, brown trout and silver / black, these mimic the baitfish found here very well. The Rapala J-13 is a personal favorite around the camp and a lure we have had great success with over the years. Other lures to include are Mepps aglia long cast spinner’s in 4 and 5 sizes, in the same colors mentioned above. Other essential tackle items required are listed below.

  • 9-12ft rod - 60-120g or 3lb test-curve
  • 8000 or 10000 size spinning reel Size
  • 3/0 - 7/0 single lure hooks Size
  • 1 - 2/0 ultra heavy treble hooks
  • 7-10mm stainless steel split rings
  • Long nosed pliers
  • Good quality head torch for night fishing
  • 60 - 100lb mono leader material
  • 60 - 100lb braid mainline

Why Siang Fishing Camp?

  • Located at a convenient distance from some of the finest Mahseer fishing spots.
  • Some of the best Trophy Golden & Chocolate mahseer in the world.
  • First & Only fishing camp in Northeast India & Arunachal Pradesh
  • Some of the largest fishes ever caught & 20 lbs Golden Mahseers are caught on every trip.
  • Exclusive fishing offered not more than 02 anglers with a Guide
  • The best camp services and hospitality.
  • All prime fishing spots can be accessed by vehicle with mild walks to the pools & confluence.
  • Only Fishing spot where one can Target Golden / Chocolate Mahseer & Goonch Catfish.
  • Camp is totally operated by our local partners & ensures that proper returns to the local community.
  • Some of the most pristine rivers of India.
  • Local guides well versed with traditional Knowledge & well trained with modern fishing techniques
  • You will get full-time guide for complete during of your stay, this will ensure more understanding of guests & its requirements.
  • Combination of Indian & continental cuisine. you will be fishing in both style and comfort.
  • Only place where one can still catch Goonch catfish on Lures.


The camp is located on the banks Simang river, Its a pristine spring-fed river having origin is lush green & remote mountains of central Arunachal. there are only 3 villages upstream out of which one village doesn't even have road & electricity, which means its a pristine river with zero pollution. The Siang fishing camp is located on 4 km from Boleng town which has got a small market with all the supplies like fresh vegetables, meat, Wine, etc. Siang is an area with a tradition of fishing that dates back to the times of settlement of Adi tribe in the region also the locals have been doing angling in the area since the 1990s & hosted there own angling competition in mid '90s, It was after 2012 flood when local community realized that a major hit has damaged the healthy population of fish. therefore they banned any kind of fishing in prime areas ( Only out anglers are allowed to fish on Catch and release basis ) , Siang fishing camp's location is ideal for anglers as it located a short drive of 10 mins to prime mahseer spot The confluence of Simang & Mighty Siang.


Guests fly into New Delhi or Kolkata, India, and typically overnight there, Next day with a day to spend touring the city. Take a flight to Dibrugarh ( Assam ) There are daily flights from Delhi & Kolkata - Siang fishing camp is at 190 km ( 6 Hrs ) drive for Dibrugarh airport. It is beautiful to drive starting with crossing the mighty Bharamapurta river ( by Bridge ). You will drive through beautiful county side of plains of Assam, crossing villages & Tea estates, on arrival at Passighat you will enter in Arunachal Pradesh, Little Stop for entry formalities, then you drive lush green forests & mountains of Arunachal. On arrival at the camp, you will be greeted by our local staff. During dinner clients & Guide will fix the next day's plan.

Siang Fishing Camp

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